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I LOVE helping other Projectors create effortless, soul-aligned success! Because we're a special breed + ultimately Projectors are the best guides for other Projectors. 


Hi I'm L'!

The Projector Whisperer

Mystic, medicine woman, and 5/1 Splenic Projector.

As a clairsentient intuitive channel and spiritual teacher, I use Human Design to guide you back into your soul’s innate wisdom so that you can become the rich + rested woman you were born to be.

My Astrology + Human Design deets: Taurus ☀️, Libra 🌕, Leo ⬆️. Aries stellium (Mars, Venus, Mercury + Midheaven). LAC of Defiance. Shock gate active.

Working with me is for brave + bougie Projector goddesses who want more. 💅🏾

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