Because you're not just a mere mortal; you're a powerful leader ready to unleash the power of your unique Human Design.

Your gifts are extraordinary. it's high time the universe recognized + rewarded you for them.

It's time to stop playing by the old rules + start commanding the wealth and recognition you truly deserve.

Introducing GODDE$$ MONEY - Your Personalized Aligned Abundance Blueprint:

This isn't your grandma's money advice.

It's a straight-talking abundance journey tailored uniquely to Human Design Projectors who are ready for real success.

  • ATTRACT ALIGNED INVITATIONS: No more waiting on the sidelines. Your Aligned Abundance Blueprint will guide you to effortlessly attract opportunities that align with your purpose and passions.

  • GET RECOGNIZED + STACK THE COINS: Break free from the underappreciation trap. Discover strategies that not only get you noticed but also ensure you're stacking coins like a true Money Queen.

  • BANISH MONEY WORRIES LIKE A BOSS: Say goodbye to sleepless nights filled with financial stress. Your customized blueprint will empower you to confidently navigate the world of abundance, turning worries into wealth.

you will

  • STRATEGIC INSIGHTS: Unlock practical strategies that align with your unique Human Design, ensuring you're not just in the game but ruling it.

  • BOSS MONEY MOVES: Receive bold + empowering strategies tailored to Projectors, ensuring you're making money moves like the Goddess you are.

  • RECOGNITION RITUALS: Empowering rituals and practices to elevate your visibility and magnetize your recognition.

  • MONEY STRESS ALCHEMY: Transform stress into power. Discover how to turn financial worries into fuel.


you receive:

  • When you invest in GODDE$$ MONEY, you submit your birth day, time + location for your Aligned Abundance Blueprint (birth time is required for the most accurate reading).

  • You will also schedule your private call with L. to ask questions + receive personalized intuitive guidance + support ($555 value).

  • Within 7 business days after your private call, you will receive your bespoke Aligned Abundance Blueprint for your wealth, abundance + success.

  • You have unlimited voice + text access for 7-days after receiving your Blueprint to ask follow-up questions, share insights, and receive additional guidance.

  • If you want to create a successful, profitable business incorporating your Aligned Abundance Blueprint, check out Fame Monster.


Godde$$ Money isn't just another call...

It's a declaration of your worthiness for wealth and recognition.

Time to stop playing small, Goddess. Start living a life where your abundance flows effortlessly.




get ready for opulent ease with money.


mystic, master guide + medicine woman

5/1 splenic projector + soul guide with over 20 years of experience helping feral, wild + free beings create spiritual + material success from the inside out.

L. helps you reclaim you power + embody your gifts so that you can thrive and create a beautiful, fulfilling life from the center of your soul. 

Your Mentor + Guide


a holistic system combining elements of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, quantum mechanics and the chakra system,  providing unique guidance for individuals regarding their life path, purpose, decision-making and more.

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