Ready to be as rich as you KNOW you're supposed to be?

tired of being broke, worrying about money + stressing about spending?

when you're ready for the bag + tired of playing small.

Unapologetically crafting a life + lifestyle that caters to your deepest desires + most superficial wants — and having more than enough money to do it all.

Decoding your soul's blueprint for abundance, prosperity + riches, watching your bank account rise, and feeling like the bad bish creatrix you were born to be.

Breaking all of the rules about money + success that you learned from your family, religion, society, and capitalism — and getting rich by listening to your SOUL instead.

Feeling confident + unstoppable about money because you have a soul-guided map that grows your bank account every, single day.

Knowing what to focus on in life + business so that you bring in consistent, easy, compounding money — year after year after year.

Consistently meeting all of your financial needs + desires and having more than enough leftover to store away for winter, retirement, the next generations + a restful, restorative personal retreat.

Leveraging your natural strengths, gifts + life path to easily magnetize money, sustained wealth and prosperous ease.

Being recession-proof so that no matter what is happening with the economy, government or stock markets, you make money every, single day.


Your astrology + human design charts, exploring your money, success, prosperity, resources, life path, life purpose and more.

in bad bish: feral money, you receive bespoke abundance guidance integrating...

  • When you invest in Bad Bish: Feral Money, you will submit your birth day, time + location for your Aligned Abundance Blueprint (birth time is required for the most accurate reading).

  • You will also receive a link for scheduling your 1:1 call with L. to ask questions + receive personalized intuitive guidance + support ($555 value).

  • Within 14 business days after your private call, you will receive a bespoke Aligned Abundance Blueprint for your wealth, abundance + success.

  • You will have unlimited voice + text access for 7-days after receiving your Blueprint to ask follow-up questions, share insights, and receive additional guidance.

  • If you want to create a successful, profitable business incorporating your Aligned Abundance Blueprint, check out Fame Monster.


a holistic system combining elements of astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, quantum mechanics and the chakra system,  providing unique guidance for individuals regarding their life path, purpose, decision-making and more.





get ready for opulent ease with money.

5/1 splenic projector + soul guide with over 20 years of experience helping feral, wild + free beings create spiritual + material success from the inside out.

L. helps you reclaim you power + embody your gifts so that you can thrive and create a beautiful, fulfilling life from the center of your soul. 

mystic, master guide + medicine woman


Your Mentor + Guide

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